Car shampoo

Our Car Shampoo product category offers you high-quality cleaning chemicals with individual fragrances for intensive and shiny washing.

Product namePropertiesFragrancepH value
Car shampoo with wax RL No. 21 concentrate VDA-compliantCar shampoo and wax in one: Gives the vehicle paint coat additional protection during the washing process AConifer blossoms7.9
Intensive apple washAcidic special shampoo for use in car washes and gantry systemsApple0.5
Pro Clean Shampoo concentratepH-neutral shampoo for a thorough and gentle vehicle wash with pleasant fragrance and excellent gloss effectApple7.0
RMS Aqua gloss wash concentrate VDA-conformAlkaline gloss wash with a fruity and fresh passion fruit scent for any type of car wash systemsPassion fruit12.4
RMS Aqua Shampoo concentrate VDA-conformFor a perfect car wash at maximum efficiencyPassion fruit7.0
Shampoo Feelings Concentrate VDA-compliantpH-neutral shampoo with an intensive pleasant fragrance for use in any kind of vehicle wash systemsIntensive7.0
Shampoo Fresh SensationPowerful shampoo with intensive fragrance for vehicle wash stationsFreshness7.0
Tegetol Concentrate Intensive CleanerIntensive cleaner for the removal of oily and greasy soiling from cars, commercial vehicles, caravans, ships, engine rooms, workshops and washing brushes of vehicle washing systemsCitrus13.0
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