Car wax

In our Car Wax product category you will find our car wash range for preservation and impregnation.

Product nameProperties
Defensa Fresh Sensation ImpregnationThe sensational protective shield against rain, dirt and dust
Defensa Wax ProtectionHigh-quality care wax with pronounced beading and high gloss effect
Lotus wax concentrate VDA-conform silicon-basedHigh-performance special wax designed for use in car wash systems
NANO Mega® – Wax Ultra concentrate VDA-compliant silicone-basedHigh-performance special wax for use in any kind of car wash system
Poly wax concentrate VDA-conform silicon-basedExcellent for high-class preservation for use in any kind of car wash system
Pro Clean Hot Wax concentrate silicone-basedHighly concentrated special wax solution for use in car wash systems
RMS Aqua sealing foam wax concentrate VDA-compliant silicone-basedHigh-performance special foam wax with polymer sealing wax components for use in car wash systems
RMS Aqua sealing wax concentrate VDA-compliantInnovative wax concentrate with a fruity and fresh passion fruit fragrance and paint maintaining and sustainably protecting properties
Underbody sealant concentrate VDA-compliant silicon-basedSealing wax for the vehicle underbody
Wax polish concentrate VDA-conform silicone-containingHigh-quality preservation for moist and wet polishing processes in car wash systems
Car shampoo with wax RL No. 21 concentrate VDA-compliantCar shampoo and wax in one: Gives the vehicle paint coat additional protection during the washing process
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