Foam wash

Our product range for foam washing includes various active foams with different fragrances.

Product namePropertiesFragrancepH value
Active Foam Feelings Concentrate VDA-compliantpH-neutral, environmentally friendly foam wash with intensive, harmonious fragrance Intensive fragrance7.0
Pro Clean Active Foam concentrateMild alkaline and gentle-on-paintwork cleaner with voluminous foaming for the cleaning of commercial vehicles and passenger carsSubtle freshness fragrance8.0–9.0
RMS Aqua Active FoamIntensive foaming, voluminous foam wash Passion fruit7.0
RMS Aqua Super Foam concentrate VDA-compliantIntensive-cleaning foam wash – Promotes self-cleaning of wash brushesPassion fruit7.0
Fresh Sensation FoamPowerful foam with intensive fragrance – silicate and phosphate-freeFresh scent7.0
Foam shampoo P concentrate VDA-compliantSlightly acidic to pH-neutral, environmentally compatible foam wash with an intensive harmonious fragrance – covers unpleasant service water odours.Fresh scent6.0
Persiko super foam
Powerful action foam with intensive fragrance for car wash stationsCherry Marzipan9.5

The optimum foam wash for every car wash

Caramba’s foam wash products are suitable for use in car washes, portal systems and self-service car washes. Depending on the desired foam pattern, you can use our foam wash products in different water mixing ratios. Our foam wash products emanate a pleasant fragrance in your car wash. The high foaming capacity also gives your customers a special feeling of cleaning and cleanliness. Our foam products also provide a distinctive gloss during the washing process and make your customers’ vehicles shine after the car wash. The foam products are applied in car washes via the foam or lava arc or the wall of foam.

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