Wash Bay cleaner

Caramba offers a wide range of cleaning products to make your wash bay shine. A clean wash bay is the best business card to convince your customers of the wash quality of your facility

Product nameProperties
Findusin® Wash Bay Cleaner ConcentrateStrongly acidic cleaner for tunnel vehicle wash systems, wash bays and other wet areas
Rak 2000 ConcentrateFor thorough and quick cleaning of tiling, oven tiles, stone slabs as well as soiling such as boiler scale, lime deposits, cement film, etc.
Tile and rim cleaner concentrate2 in 1: Rim cleaning as well as cleaning of wash bays, tiling, stove tiles, washrooms and sanitary areas, pool bordering, etc.
Softener liquid concentrateWater softener for high-speed steam generators, high-pressure washers, etc.
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