The Caramba range of products for Industry & Workshop

Caramba offers highly effective industrial cleaners for the maintenance and care of machines, workshops, commercial vehicles and much more. In addition to basic cleaners and cold cleaning concentrates, we also stock oil binders and various high-performance lubricants. With Caramba products you can, among other things, clean machines, fill professional cleaning systems or degrease metal parts. We have also thought of the protection of your employees: intensively cleaning and caring products, with which you can also remove oil residues from your hands without any problems and without damaging your skin, are also part of our range of products.

The advantages of Caramba industrial cleaners at a glance

  • Highly effective cleaners for machines
  • Concentrates in large containers for shop cleaning
  • Special products for cleaning and degreasing engines and metal parts
  • Suitable for cleaning systems or manual use
  • Particularly economical and environmentally friendly

Clean machines and engines with Caramba Cold Cleaner T

Regular maintenance and care of machines and engines as well as their functional metal parts is part of daily business in industry & workshops. The Caramba Cold Cleaner Tis a particularly safe industrial cleaner for such applications. It degreases and cleans sensitive parts at room temperature and can be used both manually and in cleaning systems. Caramba Cold Cleaner dissolves grease, wax, oil or even burnt-in residues reliably and quickly. The product is available in containers of 500 ml, 10 l or 25 l, so you can choose the right amount depending on the size of your business and the area of application. Spray all parts with the cleaner, let it work for a short time and then rinse with plenty of water. It is best to use a high-pressure cleaner.

Caramba contract manufacturing

Our industrial cleaners are specially developed and constantly optimised for use in large production halls and workshops as well as for the care and maintenance of industrial machinery. However, as production methods are constantly evolving, of course, it is possible that at times there is still no solution for a specific cleaning problem. This is where Caramba contract manufacturing comes into play. We work with our customers to develop tailor-made solutions where necessary and create a new product in our laboratories that is precisely tailored to your needs. Our innovation forum checks the feasibility and draws up a plan to estimate the effort and development time. If we are convinced that our laboratory team can find an innovative solution, we develop a trial product that you can test for use in your company.