Industrial cleaner and grease solvent from Caramba

Industrial cleaners, grease solvents and machine cleaners from the traditional brand Caramba use innovative cleaning technology to remove even the toughest oil and grease-containing dirt with enormous depth effect. For degreasing surfaces in industry, car production, workshops, food industry, gastronomy as well as for cleaning your fleet of vehicles, our cleaners are at your side every day as an environmentally friendly secret weapon – no matter whether you want to effectively clean surfaces, engines, machines, equipment, walls, containers or vehicle washing systems.

Industrial cleaners and grease solvents from Caramba adapt to your needs on site and even remove wax, soot or rubber abrasion from your production facilities. The composition of the chemical ingredients is highly concentrated: Every use of our industrial cleaners and grease solvents is therefore economical and gentle on materials. Older burnt-in, encrusted grease contamination can be dissolved with the industrial cleaner or grease solvent without any aggressive substances, leaving behind a clean surface.

Caramba works! – Industrial cleaners and grease solvents for brilliant results

For more than 110 years, Caramba has been supplying you with innovative special chemicals for surface optimisation in industrial production, car manufacturing and also for car washes and food processing plants. Our range of products is as diverse as our customers, but in chemical processing individually adapted to your needs. Industrial cleaners and grease solvents from Caramba are suitable for many stages of your value chain. You are always guaranteed a clean and process-optimising result. In our range you will find all-purpose industrial cleaners and degreasers for universal use, but also industrial cleaners and degreaser concentrates which, with their alkaline cleaning power, are used especially for food processing (NSF-certified). The strong grease dissolving effect also contains a disinfecting effect, so that moulds and bacteria are killed. The application potential of our industrial cleaners and grease solvents is limitless: As a concentrate in a canister or already ready to use in a pump sprayer, you can choose between manual cleaning, immersion cleaning or cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner. Engines and metal parts are cleaned with the Cold Industrial Cleaner or Grease Solvent to relieve wastewater and subsequently repel dirt. Compatible with rubber and sealing materials, the cold cleaner is ideal for mobile and stationary cleaning systems. Our industrial cleaners and grease solvents are multifunctional: Even plastic surfaces are freed from grease for welding!

Caramba effect lays the foundation for your success – industrial cleaners and grease solvents

Cleaning that changes things drastically – Caramba chemical products make it possible! Our holistic process optimisation integrates industrial cleaners and grease solvents as a standardised system that permanently increases efficiency and quality in your company. In a detailed on-site analysis we scrutinise the status quo together with you. Our experts advise you considering all relevant chemical and technical parameters. With our know-how and customer-oriented production of chemical products, we provide you with innovative solutions with a Caramba effect. You will see concrete improvements and feel them in the increase in efficiency as well as cost savings.

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