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Clean solutions and optimised cleaning processes

Cleanliness is a key factor for quality and economy in production, further processing and maintenance.

Clean surfaces are indispensable for the

  • smooth, permanent operation of machines
  • optimal processing and subsequent finishing of
    workpieces and components
  • efficient maintenance
  •  sales of final products and services

Good cleaning constitutes the basis for subsequent coating, such as corrosion protection, that can truly fulfil its function only on this basis. In addition, clean surfaces are an absolutely essential prerequisite for precise, troublefree manufacturing.

Cleaning often harbours significant optimisation potentials for companies. This requires a solution that harmonises various factors – from the right chemical product to seamless integration of cleaning into the respective production or maintenance processes.

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Caramba I-Line overview

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The Caramba effect: The ABC of process optimisation for industrial parts cleaning

Your requirements and processes are quite specific. Off-the-shelf cleaning solutions will often not do the job; many times they even cause unnecessary costs. We therefore take a close look at the situation and develop comprehensive process solutions for your specific tasks – applying the ABC method. This way we combine the best suitable chemistry with well-founded process experience to create the ideal solution.

AAnalysis and understanding of the process and specific requirements on site
BBest practice consulting, assessment and recommendation of possible solutions
CCaramba Effect: the concrete improvement, matching your individual requirements

Caramba application engineering: Competency in action

Caramba stands for state of the art chemical products. And we know from experience: A product can only unfold its full strengths and advantages through interaction. Job, equipment, washing methods, temperature and dosage are critical factors. Additional practical questions from waste water optimisation to hazardous substances handling must be considered.  For this reason we do not simply sell our products – such as industrial parts cleaners – off-the-shelf. To make sure you can benefit from the full Caramba effect, our qualified application engineers become active for you. They meet you on site, in meetings, during test runs, training programs and at our laboratory.

We get to know your plant and machines, together with the current cleaning processes, advise you in all aspects of technology and chemistry, develop special solutions were needed, recommend process optimisations and determine the ideal dosages and application instructions for our products.

The bottom line: you will receive more than just a powerful cleaner; you will benefit from a balanced overall solution for your cleaning process. The benefits such as cost savings and time gained through less energy required, shorter heating phases, etc. are often clearly apparent.

Please do not hesitate contacting us with special questions, for example, about exceeded limits in the waste water area. We’ll be glad to develop custom solution recommendations.

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