Caramba products for cleaning stainless steel

Our range of products includes two special products for cleaning stainless steel. On the one hand we offer you our intensive stainless-steel cleaner for commercial use. On the other hand, as a private user you can count on our stainless steel cleaner for home use.

Cleaning stainless steel for tradespersons

Stainless steel cleaner for domestic use

When should you use which product for cleaning stainless steel?

Our two stainless steel cleaners have been developed for different target groups. Our professional product – the Intensive Stainless-Steel Cleaner – is intended for commercial use in food processing companies, gastronomy as well as for workshops and industrial companies.

The Intensive Stainless-Steel Cleaner is NSF-certified and therefore ideally suited for use in the food industry. Besides stainless steel, our professional product also cleans aluminium, copper and brass. It removes dirt, lime stains, grease, oils and resins and has an antistatic and caring effect. In workshops, industrial plants and in trade it is used for cleaning and protection for all metal surfaces indoors and outdoors . It protects the surfaces against soiling and tarnishing.

Our stainless steel cleaner for home use is less concentrated and therefore intended for handling by home users. Nevertheless, it removes even stubborn dirt and gives metal surfaces a long-lasting shine. The stainless-steel cleaner also has a dust-repellent effect and provides effective protection against fingerprints.