Throttle body cleaner from Caramba – Find your suitable product

When cleaning throttle bodies, a good cleaning product is essential for good results. Caramba offers you specially developed throttle body and intake cleaners for private as well as commercial professional use.

Our high-performance throttle body and intake cleaner cleans injectors, intake systems, throttle bodies and valves and dissolves coked residues and gumming. It is suitable for petrol and diesel engines and improves exhaust gas values. In addition, the throttle body cleaner prevents performance losses of your customer vehicles.

As a vehicle detailer, you can easily get to hard-to-reach places and clean them well with the help of the separate spray probe.

The Caramba Throttle Body Cleaner for private users dissolves gumming and residues in the intake and throttle body area and on valves. The product also cleans intake systems and valves as well as injection nozzles and throttle valves. At the same time as it helps your vehicle to reduce power loss and improve exhaust values

Throttle body and intake cleaner for vehicle detailers and workshops

Throttle body and intake cleaner for private users

Application instructions for professional throttle body cleaning

Before using Caramba Throttle Body and Intake Cleaner, shake the can well. Then remove the air filter insert.

Cleaning the throttle valve on petrol engines

Spray the throttle valve and intake cleaner onto the parts to be cleaned when the engine is at operating temperature and leave to work for approx. 5 minutes. Start the engine and run it at medium speed. Spray the cleaner continuously for approx. 30 to 60 seconds. Then switch off the engine for 15 minutes to allow the throttle body cleaner to take effect. Repeat the application in case of extreme soiling. Then refit the air filter element and start the engine as usual.

Throttle Body Cleaner for Diesel Engines

Spray the Throttle Body and Intake Cleaner in short bursts into the intake tract with the engine running (approx. 2000 rpm). Stop spraying as soon as there is a noticeable increase in engine speed (by approx. > 1000 rpm). In case of extreme soiling, you can repeat the application. Then refit the air filter element and start the engine.

Do not apply the cleaner to painted or plastic surfaces and cover the affected areas first for protection.