Bus wash

In addition to products for washing trucks and commercial vehicles, Caramba also offers products for the bus wash. You will find our product selection for bus washing below.

Product nameProperties
Findusin® Wash Bay Cleaner ConcentrateStrongly acidic cleaner for tunnel vehicle wash systems, wash bays and other wet areas
Truck wash foam cleaner concentrateAlkaline intensive cleaner with voluminous foaming for the cleaning of commercial vehicles
Truck Wash Shampoo concentrateMild alkaline brush shampoo with self-drying and gloss effect for use in commercial vehicle wash systems of any kind
Jumbo Cleaner ConcentrateStrongly alkaline, heavily foaming cleaner for commercial vehicles of any kind as well as for tarpaulins, machinery parts, etc.
Multi Gloss Pre-CleanerAlkaline pre-cleaner with high-tech shine formula for trucks and commercial vehicles without subsequent brush washing as well as a car brush shampoo
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