In the first step of the truck wash, our pre-treatment products help you to remove static dirt, film rust and insects as well as to clean the rims.

Product namePropertiespH valueFragranceIWL-tested
Jumbo Cleaner ConcentrateHighly alkaline, foaming spray cleaner for commercial and construction vehicles13.8Citrus fragrance
Multi Gloss Pre-CleanerAlkaline pre-cleaner with high-tech gloss formula for trucks and commercial vehicles without subsequent brush washing13.3neutral
Tegeral Forte ConcentrateIntensive cleaner for pre-spray and high-pressure (HP) units for exterior cleaning of trucks and commercial vehicles13.3neutral
Trailer Wash ConcentrateStrong acid truck and commercial vehicle intensive cleaner for cleaning chassis and rims0.2neutral
Truck Wash intensive cleaner S concentrateStrongly acidic intensive spray cleaner for powerful pre-cleaning of all types of commercial vehicles0.2Almond fragrance
Truck Wash pre-cleaner A concentratePowerful alkaline spray and high-pressure cleaner for the pre-cleaning of all types of commercial vehicles13.3Fresh scent
Pro Clean universal cleaner alkaline concentrateHighly alkaline spray and high-pressure cleaner13.6Subtle citrus fragrance
Pro Clean pre-cleaner / insect remover concentrateAlkaline pre-cleaner with high dissolving power against dirt caused by traffic11.0neutral
Teripal WR Concentrate train cleaner and rust film removerCleaning concentrate and film rust remover0.1neutral
Green Lemon pre-cleanerPowerful cleaner with superior dirt removal power – free from NTA13.8neutral
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