Service water recycling with the strong team from Caramba

The increased consumption of fresh water in car washes over the past few years has led car wash operators to increasingly rely on economical water treatment through service water recycling. Service water, i.e. process and industrial water, can be reintroduced into the wash cycle by means of environmentally friendly cleaning. The result pays off for you twice over: Recycling saves resources and is economical for your business. In addition, your customers will be delighted with the result of the car cleaning!

With our decades of experience in the practical use of car washes, we provide you with products that are extremely productive due to their high concentration.

Product nameProperties
Bio Balance Concentrate for wastewater treatmentMicrobiological treatment agent for service water systems in vehicle washing, to make the service water clear and odourless
Broxo Salt ConcentrateSpecial regeneration salt for water softening systems
Disinfectant Concentrate for water disinfectionRemoves musty smells in the service water treatment
Defoamer TIGEE 40 Special ready for use silicone-basedSilicone-based defoamer for use in wastewater and process water applications
Odour Freshener Citrus ConcentrateSurfactant-containing perfume oil solution for service water treatment
pH regulator A ConcentrateFor pH value regulation in the recycling and service water (pH value > 13.2)
pH regulator S ConcentrateFor pH value regulation in the recycling and service water (pH value: 1.0)
Flocculant ConcentrateFor flocculation of undesirable water constituents
Flocculant N ConcentrateFor complete flocculation and odour minimisation in the process water
Super Flocculant ConcentrateHighly concentrated, highly viscous flocculant

Washing facilities service water – perfect cleaning down to the last step

To be able to offer you effective products for your service water recycling, we have to look at the requirements of your facility on site. Service water is not always service water, so standardised cleaning processes often fall short. Your success is close to our heart: you and your customers should receive the highest level of purification quality with sustainably purified industrial water. Caramba service water cleaning defines cleaning products on the actual state of the current washing processes and creates results that reduce the costs of the entire facility in a future-oriented manner. Thanks to the advice of application engineers at your facility, the effectiveness of our products can make a permanent difference.

Our range includes products for service water treatment, such as disinfection agents, defoamers, algae removers, flocculants, pH regulators and fragrance concentrates. Not only your plant technology, but also the cars of your customers will shine with new brilliance! In addition, you will comply with the legally prescribed limit values for wastewater cleaning.

This is how Caramba works – process optimisation for industrial water treatment

Our aim is to produce clean and pH-neutral water for your car wash with cost-saving service water treatment. With Caramba products you will achieve perfect cleaning and rinsing performance that is worth observing. Our wide range of products for service water optimises the entire process of your facility. Our experience of more than 110 years makes the difference: our passion for chemistry and our understanding of the application areas and special needs of our customers enable us to offer creative solutions with added value. The innovative Caramba-ABC reveals your company’s potential. Once the need has been clearly formulated, the Analysis and Best-in-class consultation will be followed by the Caramba effect. Our special chemicals, individually tailored to your needs, will improve wastewater utilisation at your site.

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