Caramba Scheibenreiniger und Scheibenenteiser

In winter, we recommend the use of a windscreen de-icer to support the Caramba windscreen cleaner

Caramba windscreen cleaner for car windscreens, aircraft windscreens and Plexiglas

Our windscreen cleaner range of products includes both special products for commercial use and for use in private households. Our car window cleaners are available as ready-to-use or water-dilutable concentrates.

Our ready-to-use antifreeze Winter Windscreen Cleaner can be used at temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius. In addition, the product is DEKRA certified. The winter windscreen cleaner is available in a 5-litre canister and will get you through the cold season well and safely.

If your car windows are iced up in winter, we recommend that you de-ice them thoroughly with Caramba Window De-icer before cleaning the windows. The product dissolves ice and hoarfrost and thus provides the ideal basis for subsequent windscreen cleaning via the spray system.

Special products for commercial windscreen cleaning

In commercial vehicle detailing, the Caramba Intensive Windscreen Cleaner guarantees thorough and at the same time gentle cleaning performance. This product is a special cleaner for all glass and Plexiglas windows as well as enamelled and smooth surfaces. The windscreen cleaner removes nicotine and silicone residues, dust, grease and all stubborn dirt. Our Intensive Windscreen Cleaner can be used on glass and hard surfaces of windows, paint, plastics or plastic-coated surfaces.

For the aircraft industry our Aircraft Window Cleaner TG 300 is ready to use and offers streak-free cleaning results on Plexiglass, glass and plastic surfaces. It is tested and approved according to AMS 1476B, Boeing Document D6-17487 and ASTM F483. In addition, it offers a pleasant fresh fragrance that conveys cleanliness and freshness to your passengers. At the same time, the special window cleaner offers a disinfecting and antistatic effect, which prevents dust from adhering firmly.

The Special Window Cleaner TG 300 is also suitable for all types of commercial glass and Plexiglas cleaning.

Window cleaning agent for private households

Window antifreeze for private households