The perfect car cleaning with Caramba

To achieve the optimum car cleaning for your customer vehicles, you need a perfectly coordinated washing process. The washing chemistry used plays a decisive role here.

Caramba offers you solutions from a single source. With our products you can ideally coordinate all car cleaning processes. The right washing chemistry is the cornerstone of your washing success. Rely on Caramba chemistry and ensure shining vehicles and satisfied customers.

Our car wash chemicals are highly effective and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, our range of products offers you different fragrance variations with which your customers can not only see but also smell the car cleaning.


HochdruckreinigerHigh-pressure cleaning with Caramba pre-cleaners

Pre-cleaning is the first step to an optimal car wash and should be carried out with high-quality brushes, spray lances and supporting chemical pre-cleaners.

A good pressure washer – either as a hand-held unit or as an element of the car wash line – is the essence of perfect pre-cleaning. In many cases, only clear water is initially used to remove coarse dirt.

However, better cleaning results are achieved by adding a special pre-cleaner to the water in the high-pressure cleaner, for example the RMS Aqua pre-cleaner from Caramba. This alkaline product dissolves dirt and insect bodies and can be used in hand-held equipment as well as in systems.

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AktivschaumActive foam

Foam not only cleans but also demonstrates this to your customers. Choose a high-quality, foam-intensive cleaner and ensure the best results and high customer satisfaction.

In gantry systems and express car washes, the use of highly alkaline foams already achieves good pre-cleaning. For example, RMS Aqua Active Foam achieves the best cleaning results through amphoteric washing-active substances and is therefore ideal for foam arches, gantry systems or for use in self-service wash boxes.

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ShampooCar shampoo from Caramba

While high-quality brushes provide the necessary portion of mechanical cleaning power, the use of car shampoo or similar cleaners is crucial for the chemical component of the cleaning, but also for customer satisfaction.

Impressive foaming during the process illustrates to customers the power of the service they paid for. So, skilfully showcase your facility by using foaming agents such as Caramba’s RMS Aqua Shampoo.

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FelgenreinigungRim cleaning

For cleaning the rims we recommend the acidic Caramba aluminium rim cleaner concentrate. It can be used on both steel and aluminium rims. Due to its high dosage, Caramba Aluminium Rim Cleaner is very economical in use.

In addition, it is separator-friendly and less harmful to the environment.

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PoliturCar polish for shiny results

By now there is a polish station in most car washes and also in some gantries. Here, an agent is applied in foamed form and massaged into the paint by suitable polishing rollers.

The polish has the task of deep cleaning the paint, creating gloss and preparing it for drying. The RMS Aqua sealing polish from Caramba causes a gliding removal of dirt particles during cleaning by coating.

The polymer sealing wax technology additionally guarantees a dirt and water-repellent paint surface with a long-lasting beading effect against water droplets.

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KlarspülenRinse cycle

After the car wash and polish, the rinse cycle is carried out by means of a clear rinsing sheet. Clean water ensures that the last dirt disappears from the vehicle.


WachsCar wax, preservation and impregnation

After pre-cleaning, car washing and polishing, it is important to seal the paintwork to protect it from future dirt, but also from water (in case of rain). The VDA-compliant RMS Aqua Sealing Wax Concentrate is an innovative wax concentrate with a fruity-fresh passion fruit scent as well as paint-care and lasting protective properties for use in car washes.

In addition, we recommend our Defensa Fresh Sensation paint impregnation – the liquid windscreen wiper. Caramba’s paint impregnation contains a highly effective formula that builds up a durable and long-lasting protective film on paint and windscreens. See for yourself in our product video.

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TrocknungChemical drying aids for better water break-up

The chemical drying aid has the task of breaking up the closed water film after the rinse cycle and preparing the vehicle for drying in the blower. When the system is optimally set and all other parameters are correct, the water beads run off under the blower, leaving a dry and shiny car.

The RMS Aqua seal dryer from Caramba is the perfect product from our range. The polymer components contained in the seal dryer reduce microbeads and provide the water break-up necessary for blower drying.

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Wasseraufbereitung CarambaWater treatment

The sole use of fresh water from the municipal or communal network is not optimal from an ecological or economic point of view. It is better to convert the used wash water into so-called service water, i.e. treated water that may be used again for washing.

For optimum washing and drying results, the pH value of the process water should be between 7 and 8. Only when a certain load limit is reached does the process water become final wastewater and must be disposed of. The applicable legal regulations regarding the degree of pollution of the wastewater are decisive here.

For water treatment Caramba offers various products and flocculants that support you in the treatment of service water.

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We will be happy to advise you personally on the ideal car cleaning on site

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