Private Label Business –
Your Brand, Our Expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience in the development and establishment of private labels.

As Caramba, we understand your markets, processes and end customers and proactively use this knowledge in all areas in which you require support. Therefore, you can rely on our full service package at any time – from development through to production, logistics and sales to marketing.

Private Label Business

Real added value with private labels

  • Remain independent from brand manufacturers
  • Build and maintain your brand image
  • Increase customer loyalty
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Advantage of private labels

Private labels are a useful means for retailers to put a personal stamp on products and to establish themselves on the market with self-distributed product ranges, independently of brand manufacturers. In doing so, companies benefit from the opportunity to build their own brand image, or to reinforce an existing one, and be at the forefront of customers’ minds. Whether a product was ultimately developed and manufactured by a company or comes from suppliers and was merely modified and repackaged only plays a minor role here. In any case, companies gain greater price flexibility through self-determined product design, which weakens the pricing pressure of competitors.

Interaction of private labels and branded products

A study by the Insead Business School demonstrates that private labels and manufacturers’ brands can even inspire each other. Thus, sales of branded products and private labels increased in many product categories, even if new private labels were launched in the premium segment. Furthermore, a large-scale study by the market research company AC Nielsen on behalf of the International Private Label Manufacturers Association, which examined the private label business in 38 countries, found there was on average a five percent increase in retail brand sales. Even in regions such as Western and Central Europe where private labels are traditionally strong, they recorded significant growth again. One reason for this is the double strategy of many companies to offer both branded and private label products, for example, to cover different price segments. The study therefore continues to see enormous potential in private labelling.

Our expertise for your private labels

To enable you to use this potential, Caramba accompanies you as a specialist in the area of private branding and private labels, from the first idea for a private label product range to market launch and beyond. According to your wishes, you can decide whether you would like a full service or just want to rely on individual modules from our extensive range of services.

With our knowledge of markets and end customers, we have not only been involved in the creation and success of many internationally renowned brands, especially in the automotive industry, but we are also a leading supplier of chemical products and services to industry, oil companies and businesses in Europe. This is also confirmed by the certificates awarded annually to our company and manufacturing: DIN ISO 14001, EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO TS 16949 and FORD Q1.

Consulting & Marketing

Support in the design of your own product range.

  • Compiling market research
  • Customer-oriented product ranges
  • Promotion at the point of sale
  • Creation of brochures
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Market analysis and product range concepts

You need to know the market and your potential customers so that you can tap possible customer potential with your products and cover the existing needs of your target group. For this purpose, we compile market research for you and analyse the competitive environment so that we can submit a customised product range proposal based on this.

We are happy to assist you in the selection of suitable formulations, optimal containers in function and design and also sprayers and caps in the respective shape. On request, we can also take over the selection, specification and design of your labels as well as translation of the label texts into the required languages.

Positioning and sales promotion

It is possible to address target groups in the best possible way through successful positioning and the integration of further helpful marketing strategies such as miniatures, test samples, incentives and promotions. With our knowledge, we assist you with suggestions and also implementation. In doing so, we respect your corporate design of course – in Germany, Europe or globally.

However, to optimally reach potential buyers with these measures, it is also important to promote sales at the point of sale and also individual sellers. Therefore, we offer specific advice and training for your sales staff on these topics – either at your site or on our premises.

Compliance service

With our compliance service, you are always up to date with legal requirements, such as REACH and GHS. Thanks to our strong customer focus and customer service, we can also implement customised special solutions – competently, in line with the market and tailored to target groups.

Research & Development

Customised development of your product.

  • Tested quality for the highest demands
  • Product development according to your requirements
  • Expert reports, certificates and more
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Tested quality for the highest demands

The complex requirements for products are continuously changing due to demanding surfaces – whether they are sensitive textiles, carbon, aluminium, glass ceramic, wood or leather. This is why we constantly work on the development of new formulations, developing existing ones and subjecting them to regular internal and external quality controls, for example by independent testing institutes.

Product development according to your requirements

Caramba offers formulations that are tailored to your requirements and needs – regardless of whether you use a product from our broad portfolio or we develop an individual formulation for you. In addition, you can rest assured that our safety management in production, filling and packaging complies with all labour law directives and takes care of global product classification, labelling and registration for you. Thus, we enable rapid implementation from product development to realisation.

Expert reports, certificates and more

However, for many purposes it is not only a product that is needed but also safety data sheets, analyses, expert reports and product information. Therefore, we will gladly deliver them directly to you on request.


Quality-assured production of the product range with
your brand names.

  • Labels affixed precisely to every container
  • Production at three locations
  • Highly automated production systems
  • Company with IATF and ISO certification
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Flexible filling and precise labelling

Caramba has three production sites in Germany alone where we fill traditional liquid and aerosol products, compounds, pastes and special liquids, such as oil-based machine and engine additives. Our highly automated production systems are flexibly designed to meet a wide variety of requirements, so that we can fill any container size and shape and label them precisely – starting with containers from 50 millilitres up to tankers.

This gives you the freedom to choose a standard container from our extensive range or to implement your own design – gladly with our support. For special requirements there is also the possibility of manual processing and packaging, such as product sets.

Certified production processes

As a company certified according to IATF 16949: 2016, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, quality controls are a matter of course for us. We enable smooth and efficient production thanks to our standardised processes, process controls, internal and external audits and the continuous development of production processes.

Logistics & Warehousing

Customised smooth supply for every need.

  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Barcode-controlled storage bin management
  • Lean order processing
  • Annual delivery of more than 45,000 palettes
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Just in time

Optimal delivery should be to the right place, in the desired quantity and just in time. Caramba is happy to ensure this for you.

Order processing and customs clearing

Thanks to state-of-the-art, barcode-controlled storage bin management, we can precisely control every product so that we deliver on time.

By means of lean order processing, we communicate shipping information according to your specifications, for example, personally by telephone, email, EDI or also by web portal.

Regardless of transport by water, on land or by air, we also take care of your customs clearing – in Germany, Europe and worldwide. This also includes preparation of country-specific way bills or transport documents for dangerous goods for transport by land or sea.

To ensure fast delivery at any time, we are also happy to take over the stock-keeping of your products – even if they are dangerous goods. This is because we have the opportunity to store these under safe conditions.

We can tackle this for you

Every year, more than 45,000 pallets with a gross weight of approximately 20,000 tonnes leave our delivery warehouse.

Not all goods fit on standard pallets. Therefore, we enable delivery using special pallets, IBCs, lattice boxes or tankers, if required. Alternatively, we can also gladly include your own transport and storage system.

Basically, we pick your pallets and displays according to need. In addition, we place great importance on loading to comply with all legal regulations – from the relevant transport and dangerous goods regulations for trucks to the regulations for sea containers. Thus, your products arrive safely and on time at their destination.

Our Success Stories – Private Label Business

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High-quality private label – made by experts

We are your experts for private labelling. For more than 30 years we have been producing high-quality private label products for clients to be used in a variety of ways for cars, motorbikes, bicycles and hobbies. Of course, we can also produce the private label items themselves for you. Starting from a quantity of 10,000 pieces, we can manufacture chemical products for your brand according to your specifications.

Products according to certified standards

Our company is accredited according to IATF and ISO standards and can, thus, offer you consistently high quality while complying with common industry standards. Our in-house research and development department continuously works on optimising the quality and effectiveness of our chemical products. If you contract us to produce your private label you automatically benefit from our latest research results – we guarantee high-quality products for your private brand. We offer you a variety of options for tailored solutions when it comes to designing your private label products.

Individual consultation for private label products

Here at Caramba you receive a detailed consultation for each private label product. We will happily take on all the details of your order – thanks to years of experience, we know exactly what to look for when it comes to successful private labels. We not only advise you concerning the contents of your products but also regarding the target group, with focused presentation and packaging. If you like, we will also provide you with comprehensive support, for example, advising you on your product range or on different marketing strategies applicable for your range.

Tags and advertising material

Our expertise in private labelling gained over many years allows us to reliably and efficiently manufacture products to your exact specifications. On top of this, we provide suitable brochures to inform your clients about your product. In some cases, it might be necessary or helpful to show specific certificates for your private label products. You will of course receive these from us as well. Additionally, we create custom-made tags for all batches so that you can immediately begin to sell your product under your own private brand.

Our service for your private label

We are more than just a contract filling company. Our full-service approach is intended to accompany you on each step of the private labelling way, from analysis to contract fulfilment and customs handling. With us you have a personal contact responsible for all details of your private label who is always up to date on your order. The on-schedule, just-in-time delivery for your time-critical orders is another part of our service. If you need private labelling for the German-speaking market, we will gladly help you with our international approach.

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