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Empty tanks present many challenges

A tank is not a disposable product. It is filled and emptied many times during its lifecycle and in between subjected time and again to thorough cleaning procedures. Over time, the effort and expense for maintenance and care becomes a major cost factor.

Efficient cleaning agents and procedures not only help save costs with tank interior cleaning but potentially also extend the service life considerably.

For freight companies, the economic loss of utilisation due to idle times during maintenance and care constitute a significant cost factor because the cleaning tasks already require intensive use of time and personnel. This is exactly the area where costs can be significantly reduced because the loop of cleaning mechanism and cleaning time can be increasingly shortened as the factor of more powerful cleaning chemicals increases.

Solutions by Caramba come into play exactly at this point. We do not consider a cleaning agent to be a fixed component but rather a variable means adapted to the respective cleaning
process. The result of this approach is not insignificant. This is especially true when observing it over the lifecycle of the tank.

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Tank interior and container cleaning overview

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The Caramba Effect: the ABC of process optimisation

Standardised products usually do not help when cleaning, modification and protection of material surfaces need to be simplified and improved.
Caramba therefore develops comprehensive, individual process solutions following the ABC method. Employing the triad of Analysis, Best practice consulting and the Caramba effect, we supply our customers with a custom-tailored complete package that increases efficiency and output…

because we believe that first-class product solutions are not only derived at from best raw materials but just as much from solid know-how of procedural technical contexts.

AAnalysis and understanding of the process and specific requirements on site
BBest practice consulting, assessment and recommendation of possible solutions
CCaramba Effect: the concrete improvement, matching your individual requirements

Package solution instead of cleaning solution

We take a comprehensive look at things and offer our ncustomers more than just the product as solution. The first step is becoming very familiar with the details of the respective processes, followed by developing custom solutions based on this knowledge, which we then implement in the existing processes.

Concretely, experienced application engineers analyse the process and issues on site. The focus, at this, is not only on the chemicals used but also on all preceding and subsequent steps and framework conditions – including the issues of waste water and water treatment, very important in the overall process. This comprehensive view is the basis for the further work of our developers who develop the optimal solution for the present scenario at the company’s own three laboratories.

Extensive test runs on site accompany final implementation – adjustments can therefore be made shortly to ensure the best possible success of process conversion. Supportive training for the employees of our customers, for example, HACCP training in the foodstuff sector, complement the service package.

Following this approach of considering a product as integrated part of a complete chain enables us to make processes more efficient altogether.

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