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    Tanks, small load carriers (SLC), intermediate bulk containers (IBC), refinery columns: Now you can save time and effort on container cleaning while focusing on quality and effectiveness. Caramba provides the ideal chemical agents together with an optimised solution for your cleaning processes.
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Speed and effectiveness: Get a head start with customised container cleaning

Industrial and commercial containers are not only filled and emptied repeatedly during their life cycle. Depending on how they are used, they also need to be cleaned regularly to remove contamination such as food residues, latex, limescale, rust, cement, copper debris, paint, adhesive, resin and much more.

Therefore, tank cleaning is a recurring process, which means the effort required for maintenance and care adds up quickly. Downtime during which the container cannot be used is also a cost factor. The same applies to SLC and IBC cleaning by transport companies with tankers such as for refineries.

Caramba pays off here – with a targeted effect and optimised product use for rapid and cost-effective container cleaning! We also use our know-how together with our professional cleaning agents. This means we present an efficient solution for a wide range of container materials and sizes, contamination, cleaning processes and requirements.

Benefit now from an optimal solution from Caramba that pays off:

  • We recommend the right chemical solution for your needs, tailored to your cleaning process
  • Complete product portfolio from universal to special cleaning agents
  • Solutions for various container materials and requirements, for example food-safe or with protection against corrosion

We analyse your processes and problems on site and propose a complete solution consisting of products and process optimisation.

Benefit from the Caramba effect with optimised cleaning processes

Container cleaning is subject to company-specific characteristics and different requirements. However, standard cleaning solutions fall short of the mark – especially since they often take longer than necessary! Caramba develops individual process solutions that go beyond the chemistry – with the ABC method.

AAnalysis and understanding of the process and specific requirements on site
BBest practice consulting, assessment and recommendation of possible solutions
CCaramba effect: the specific improvement tailored to your individual needs

Gain insights into the Caramba effect yourself with our practical examples!

Caramba in action: Practical examples

Tank interior cleaning

See practical example 1, Caramba tank cleaning, to discover how switching to a slightly alkaline cleaning agent at a food transport company decreased the number of complaints about cleaning to virtually zero and also delivered improved cleaning and cost savings.

Chemistry and application technology from Caramba:
How can we help you?

Our aspiration for tank interior cleaning, IBC cleaning, SLC cleaning and refinery column cleaning is to identify the untapped potential for optimisation in your container cleaning processes. Furthermore, our application engineers will track down any problems.

  • Excessive foaming wastes time and water?
  • The water temperature is higher than necessary?
  • Do the products you currently use generate additional costs for water treatment or are they problematic in terms of occupational health?

Potential can be locked away in a variety of places. We propose improvements, carry out measurements and test runs and recommend the optimal Caramba products and their dosage. At the same time, we also consider important downstream issues such as waste water and water treatment. If you require employee training, for example on hazardous substances, we are also the right partner for your training needs.

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Tank interior and container cleaning overview

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