It’s doing your job. Because of perfect interaction.

The right cleaning chemicals are part of the recipe for
success in mechanical car washing. The optimal use of
products is one of the decisive factors for:

  • Cleaning result
  • Cleaning tempo
  • Material preservation
  • Service water quality
  • Preservation effect
  • Drying result

But there is more to brilliant results and business: The type and washing process of course, but also the costs for chemistry and water consumption play an important role. Only a solution that reconciles all these factors can pay off in the long term.

As a specialist for integrated cleaning solutions in mechanical car washing, Caramba therefore focuses on the entire process for you. We do not simply supply canisters of chemicals, we supply you with an overall solution optimised to your requirements. Our specialists analyse, test, advise and optimise until a perfectly concerted action is achieved. This creates the Caramba effect with multiple benefits for you.

The new Caramba X-Line: More efficient chemistry. Better water. Greater profit.

Caramba has worked hard on optimising your car wash even further:

Major investment in research and development

  • Intensive market and car wash station analysis
  • Benefit-focused product development and process
  • Comprehensive practical trials

The result: the new Caramba X-Line. A new range of innovative washing chemicals with advanced formulations for all types of facilities and individual conditions.

1. Greater economy through possible savings in cost of water and lower product consumption with ideal system settings
2. Greater focus on the environment through reduced use of chemicals
3. More satisfied customers thanks to first-class washing results with optimised drying and throughput times

The factor for greater economy in car washes

More efficient washing chemicals

In a field test with selected customers, the employment of the Caramba X-Line resulted in lower product consumption compared to competitor products due to the perfectly coordinated and dosed washing chemicals, which alone led to cost savings of over 6,000 € per year (calculation basis: 80,000 car washes per year).*

Measuring and visible improvement of the service water quality

One parameter here is the COD value (for: Chemical Oxygen Demand). It indicates how much oxygen is required for the oxidation of all organic substances contained in the water. A lower value therefore means: cleaner water. By using Caramba X-Line the COD could be reduced by up to 58% in practical trials!*

Reduction of service water turbidity

With the help of the Caramba X-Line, the service water can be optimised so that more of it can be returned to the circuit and, while taking the washing quality into account, this means that less valuable and expensive fresh water needs to be used. An effect that was even visible in practical trials. Employing the Caramba X-Line, the service water was up to 84% less turbid

(transmitted light measurement in FAU).*

* Results from the test market 2017

The Caramba effect: The ABC of process optimisation

Your requirements and processes are quite specific. Off-the-shelf solutions will often not do the job; many times they even cause unnecessary costs. We therefore take a close look at the situation and develop comprehensive process solutions – based on the new X-Line program – for your specific tasks, applying the ABC method. This way we combine the best suitable products of the X-Line with well-founded process experience to create the ideal solution.

AAnalysis and understanding of the process and specific requirements on site
BAnalysis, consultation and recommendation of the optimal solution for your facility
CCaramba effect: the concrete improvement for economy and washing result

Comprehensive solutions down to the detail – Our services

The Caramba X-Line unfolds its enormous strengths in the individual interaction. That is why our qualified application engineers focus on the whole in their consultation: The task at hand, facility, washing process, temperature and dosage are decisive factors, as are environmental compatibility and, of course, fresh water consumption.

The bottom line: you will receive more than just the powerful products of the Caramba X-Line – you will benefit from an optimised overall chemical solution for your car wash station. Often with clear advantages not only in water and product consumption, but also, for example, in energy consumption.

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